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VinaCapital Liquidity Bond Fund (VLBF)

VLBF is an open-ended bond fund professionally managed by VinaCapital with a focus on principal preservation. VLBF mainly invests in short-term fixed income securities and money market instruments to generate very stable returns while maintaining daily liquidity. VLBF is considered a low-risk fund, suitable for investors who are looking for a safe, short and medium term investment with a higher return than short-term bank deposit rates.

Why should you invest in VLBF?

  • Principal preservation with daily liquid.
  • Expected return is higher than average interest rate of 3-month savings account although investors can redeem daily.
  • Superior to short-term savings accounts because investors will enjoy expected return of up to 4.4% per year while being able to withdraw money at any time.
  • No subscription and redemption fees.
  • No minimum investment required.
  • MiO website and mobile app help you manage your portfolio anywhere, anytime.

VLBF Information

Fund structure Open-ended fund domiciled in Vietnam and regulated by SSC
Inception date 07 September 2021 (License No. 36/GCN-UBCK issued by SSC)
Minimum investment amount Not applicable
Trading frequency Daily, from Monday to Friday
Management fee 0.9% / year
Subscription fee 0.0%
Redemption fee (based on holding period of the fund units) 0.0%
Switching fee (based on switching amount) 0.0%
Custodian bank, supervisory bank and fund administrator Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)
Transfer agency Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD)

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