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VinaCapital Segregated Account Services (VIPS)

VinaCapital Investment Portfolio Services – VIPS is a managed account product with investment portfolios specifically tailored to each investor’s individual return expectations and risk tolerances, i.e capturing long-term capital gain, generating stable income or preserving capital. Each portfolio is managed separately and each investor directly holds a portfolio of securities under his/her name. The account is managed by a custodian bank to ensure independence and transparency.

VIPS is suitable for individual domestic and foreign investors with larger amounts of investment capital (minimum VND 5 billion) who have medium to high risk tolerance, medium to long-term investment horizons and adequate understanding of investment and financial products.

Contracting Investors sign individual investment management agreement (IMA) with VinaCapital Fund Management Company
Minimum investment amount
Vietnamese investors
  • Individual: VND 5 billion per contract
  • Institution: VND 25 billion per contract
Foreign investors
  • Individual: VND 10 billion per contract
  • Institution: VND 100 billion per contract
Investment term Minimum 12 months, as detailed in the IMA
Gains and principle settlement Interest and gains (if any) will be settled once at maturity date
Management and performance fee Calculated based on investment performance for each investor, as detailed in the IMA
Each investment portfolio is specifically tailored to the individual investor’s return expectations and risk tolerances. The portfolio may invest into a mix of the following assets, which will be agreed to by the investor:
Listed securities, OTC securities
Government bonds, government backed bonds and/or municipal bonds
Convertible shares and/or other preference shares
Corporate bonds, convertible bonds and/or convertible loans
Financial instruments permitted by the Applicable Law
Deposits (both term and current deposits) at eligible banks and/or other financial institutions
High expected return
Averaging 15%/year or higher (in VND terms), generally outperforming the Vietnamese stock index.
Managed risks
Investment portfolio is structured, monitored and flexible to preserve investor’s potential return, especially under market volatility.
Reasonable cost
Management and performance fees are structured based on actual returns achieved, ensuring long-term alignment between VinaCapital and investors.
Transparency and oversight
Managed accounts are regulated by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam and overseen by independent custodian banks. Monthly and ad-hoc reporting ensure investors are updated on the performance of the portfolio at any time.
Tailored solutions
Investment portfolios are designed to meet specific needs of each investor.